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Interactive urban sculpture
«Cubed / Uncubed»

City Square
From 16 August


Lexus Hybrid Art 2017

Lexus Dome

6 Sep. –  15 Oct.

This new work by Victor Polyakov — Cubed/Uncubed — is a cube-shaped sculpture with polygonal faces. In accordance with the concept of hidden art, when the object’s surface is touched, Cubed/Uncubed is awakened. The sculpture becomes completely transparent and only then reveals to the viewer the hidden object inside.


The object placed in the center of the sculpture is inspired by the art of origami. The aesthetics of origami — the Japanese technique of folding various figures from paper — is close to the skillful manual work of Takumi, the Japanese masters whose standards and rules serve as inspiration for the creation of Lexus cars.



By maintaining a balance between form and content, Viktor Polyakov’s work reflects the artistic principles of the Lexus project, and at the same time responds to the tasks set by Lexus Hybrid Art and the City Square program collaboration. This spatially-oriented sculpture blends seamlessly into the architectural context of Moscow City and reveals its potential.

Cubed/Uncubed is Polyakov’s third work in the genre of public art. This young Moscow artist and photographer became known to the public as a result of his bold dialogue with the art sphere

His transformation of space with the use of optical effects has become part of his signature style and has led to invitations to participate in several significant group exhibitions (the Moscow Biennale of Young Art, the “Wave Theory” exhibition in the Tretyakov Gallery on Krimsky Val, the “Spirit and Numerus” project at the Electromuseum), plus he also presented a personal project at Gogol Center in 2016.


Would you like to become a special guest at the Lexus Dome?

Follow Lexus Hybrid Art on Facebook and Instagram and take part in our contest: create a video or Boomerang clip depicting your interaction with the multifaceted cube, and share your work on social networks with the hashtags #hiddenart and #citysquare. The most outstanding videos will be published on our site, and their authors will receive invitations to the private art events held at the Lexus Dome space.






  1. To participate in the contest, entrants must subscribe to Lexus Hybrid Art exhibition’s social networks (Facebook and Instagram)
  2. The duration of the competition is from August 16 — October 16, 2017. The selection and announcement of the winners will occur on a weekly basis. The winning works will be published on the site every Tuesday.
  3. To participate in the contest, participants need to make a post in video/Boomerang format that depicts the public art object Cubed/Uncubed on their social networking page. In the accomanying text for the post, the participant needs to mention the organizer’s account (@lexushybridart) and add the hashtags #hiddenart and #citysquare. Only works created by the participant themselves will be accepted for participation.
  1. The number of participants is unlimited. Three winners will be determined weekly. The selection of winners is to be carried out by representatives of the Lexus brand.
  2. Entries are not to be published in:

– Advertising accounts
– Closed Profiles
– Accounts of Lexus employees and those of their relatives

  1. Entries will be disqualified in the following cases:

– The user uploads the entry to several accounts
– The video does not belong to the author

Special events

Lexus Dome is a new space that fosters the interaction of contemporary art and new technologies. The unique private events that are held in the space include: musical concerts by famous performers, the opening of the Lexus Hybrid Art exhibition, screenings of contemporary masterpieces of world cinema, the award ceremony for the finalists of the Lexus Design Award — invitations to which our guests receive personally.

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Visitors Information

How to get to the public art object “Cubed / Uncubed” from the metro station “Vistavochnaya”

Exit from metro station “Vistavochnaya” by following the signs to “Bagration” bridge. After exiting the glass doors, turn left and take the escalator up. Keep to the right side, following the underground passage through the restaurant courtyard to the next escalator, then ascend and exit to the street. On the right side is City Square. On the second level of the space you can find the sculpture “Cubed /Uncubed”.

How to get to the public art object “Cubed / Uncubed”  from the metro station “Delovoy Tsentr”

From the metro station “Delovoy Tsentr” take the “Empire” business complex exit. Go up the escalator to the shopping center “Afimall City”, and after the glass doors to the right, go past the H&M store and turn left. Turn right between the “Empire” business complex and the “Evolution” tower and go to Presnenskaya Embankment. Then take a left in the direction of the “Bagration” bridge. City Square is to the left of the entrance to the bridge.

How to get to Lexus Dome from the metro station “Mezhdunarodnaya”

Exit from metro station “Mezhdunarodnaya” by taking the escalator in the direction of the Moscow International Business Center (Moscow City) on Testovskaya street . After this go to the left of “Eurasia” tower and towards the “Oko”. tower The entrance to Lexus Dome is located on the inside of the building. Once you’re in the elevator, you need to go up to the 6th floor.

Lexus Dome

1-y Krasnogvardeyskiy proezd, 21/1

Moscow-city, “Oko” tower

City Square

Presnenskaya embankment, 4, page 1