For the first time in its 7-year history, Russia’s main arena for hybrid art is moving to St Petersburg — Russia’s cultural centre — which represents an altered approach to this kind of exhibition, and aims to present a major, collective experiment in assembling the future. This new Lexus Hybrid Art installment will open up innovative scenarios for audience interaction, expand the frontiers of previously wellknown formats — interactive exhibits and the postdramatic theatre — and will present the author’s narrative inspired by this year’s central theme – Anticipation.


An important quality of the Lexus brand — the ability to anticipate the demands and expectations of its clients — has inspired Marcello Dantas, Brazil, the curator of Lexus Hybrid Art 2016, to not only attempt to permeate the future, but also to closely observe the process of its construction.

“We can collectively invent a future we don’t yet know,” states Dantas, and invites all those who find themselves absorbed by Coupland’s epic fantasy, constructed within the recently-renovated Manege in St Petersburg, to become co-authors of the exhibition. Visitors will participate collectively in the experience of creating an imaginary world, arguably the most brave and bold design initiative one can have. This experience will be focused on human imagination and its ability to invent the future by using technology in unexpected ways.

Since 2010, the Lexus Hybrid Art exhibition has annually presented the works of the leading modern artists, whose artistic vision matches the philosophy of the Lexus brand. Over these six years the exhibition has turned into one of the most remarkable art events in Russia, in which over 70 artists have taken part — from rising stars to key figures of the contemporary art


Douglas Coupland Canadian artist, writer, designer and journalist

The author of the cult novel “Generation X” that became the manifesto of an entire generation; one of the engineers of the digital revolution who, as early as 20 years ago in his columns for Vice and Wired magazines, managed to anticipate the events that have become an integral part of our present-day reality; a resident of Google Cultural Institute and a winner of several awards in industrial design. Everything Coupland engages in is aimed at examining the mass culture of the present and the digital world of the near future. Upon the special invitation of Lexus Hybrid Art, one of the greatest visionaries of the modern world is coming to Russia to alter our ideas of how the future may look and how we can influence it.

Marcello Dantas LHA 2016 curator

Renowned exhibition curator and artistic director, Marcello Dantas is the name behind some of the top art shows in progress – and to come – in Brazil. He is responsible for innovating the concept of museology in Brazil bringing unprecedented doses of technology, interactivity and multimedia resources to offer the visitor what he calls “an experience of total immersion”.


Douglas Coupland/Marcello Dantas

Public Talk

Anticipation.Assembling the Future

A composite road of anticipation, invention and achievement in creating new perceptions of outcomes.

An engineer of the digital revolution — Douglas Coupland, and a reformer of museum technologies —Marcello Dantas, will meet in Moscow on 18 August  to talk about the “anticipation” of the future through science, design, art and technology.

Coupland’s first visit to Moscow will see him launching an open experiment — together with Marcello Dantas — the curator of the Lexus Hybrid Art Seventh Annual Exhibition. The aim of the experiment is to seek a visualisation of the material and substantive environment of the future.

The first stage of the experiment — a public talk — will take place on 18 August  in the Digital October Centre, where the key Lexus Hybrid Art 2016 participants will discuss the techniques and instruments that may facilitate collective invention of different versions of the future. The expectations that people of the past used to have with regards to science, design, art and technologies will be discussed, and an attempt to anticipate the expectations of contemporary citizens will also be made.


History of project Lexus Hybrid art


Being launched in April 2010 Lexus Hybrid Art exhibition was held in the Art Center “Vetoshny”. For the first time in Moscow hybrid art saw more than 6,500 people. Special program “Battle of Ideas” brought together about 1,500 participants: lectures, workshops and discussions were held, the main theme of which was the impact of new technologies on art and life in general.


Hybrid art at Red October factory, kilometers of tape and Lexus Ideas Institute: a series of workshops and public talks with the artists participating in the project.


Lexus Hybrid Art featured three seasons of events, including a series of public lectures by the best minds in the hybrid world, a set of grants for Russian artists working at the crossroads of art and science, and, finally, an exhibition of hybrid art – a revue of the best synergetic works from across the world, works that stunningly combine futurism, technology and simplicity.


In 2013 Lexus Hybrid Art was dedicated to everything that is not static: both factually and conceptually. In the forefront there were all forms of movement, change and transformation: not only as part of a separate art object but in art as a whole as well.


Lexus Hybrid Art was marking its fifth anniversary with an exhibition at VDNKH. A collective fantasy of the future, expressed in ten original tales, was brought to life by means of modern technologies in the historic interiors of the Optika Pavilion.


Episode VI Lexus Hybrid Art was the first experience of dialogue between the two current formats: Promenade theater and interactive exhibitions of contemporary art. Following the «Creating Feelings» concept of the season, the curator Bernardo Mosqueira (Brazil) collected kinetic installations, videos and performances by leading contemporary artists from all over the world inside a giant labyrinth.